DCWA is always in search of new friends of the watershed to help with research, clean-up efforts, event organization, and other endeavors. Please contact the organization or check back here for volunteer opportunities as they arise.

For those who don’t have the time to volunteer or means to contribute, here are a few ways to help your local environment on an everyday, backyard-level:

  • Practice responsible lawn maintenance (reduce excessive or unnecessary fertilization; leave grass clippings on lawn)
  • Carry out more than you bring into parks and natural areas when fishing, kayaking, or enjoying recreation in the outdoors
  • Support local farm stands and agricultural operations
  • Practice good septic system maintenance (cleaning and inspection every two years)
  • Participate in local recycling programs
  • Consider options to reduce runoff and improve storm water management on your property (install rain barrels/gardens; limit impervious surfaces)
  • Preserve and promote native creekside vegetation for erosion control (plant trees)
  • Participate in the Master Plan, Land Use Element Plan, Comprehensive Rezoning, and other public/political processes that will shape the vision, direction, and strategy for future local land use