Deer Creek Watershed Association Establishes Scholarship for Harford Community College Students

The Deer Creek Watershed Association Environmental Science Scholarship at Harford Community College was created by the association in 2015. Association board members David Boniface and Albert Isennock recently presented a check to the scholarship’s first recipient, Patrick Donnelly.

The annual $1,000 scholarship will ease the financial burden for a first- or second-year Harford Community College student pursuing an A.S. degree in Environmental Science. The scholarship will help to support a student who intends to continue the major in a related curriculum at a four-year institution and pursue a career in the field.

The Deer Creek Watershed Association promotes conservation of the natural resources of the Deer Creek Watershed, the largest in Harford County, covering 38 percent of the County’s land area. The entire watershed covers approximately 109,400 acres (171 square miles) across two states (Maryland and Pennsylvania) and three counties. There are 86,000 acres in Harford County.

The association endeavors to educate, inform, and encourage citizens, politicians and government officials of environmental concerns affecting the watershed. Their overall goal is for a healthy and vibrant watershed that supports diverse aquatic life in balance with the needs of the community.